7 x 16 Wood Deck Equipment Trailer
Lots of Equipment, like Most Bobcats, and many smaller tractors weigh right around 5000# . This is the limit for a normal "car trailer" but a 10,000# trailer is really overkill. This trailer is truly rated to carry over 6000 pounds (3 tons) on the deck. It has a heavy duty 5" channel frame, heavy fold down ramps, and oversize tires (normally the "weak link"). It has a gross weight rating of  7750 pounds.
Both the  tongue and frame of this equipment mover is constructed of Structural 5 inch channel Iron,  with angle iron cross members, every 24" inches under the deck  The tongue of this trailer is of the "full wrap" type, with the tongue extending all the way to the forward spring mount, for greatly improved stiffness.  The rear 2 feet is bent down at a 15 degree angle Dove tail for easy loading.
The deck measures approximately 82" wide between the fenders, (the trailer is 102" over all width) and 14' long from the front bumper rail to the point on the deck where the dove tail starts. From there, is has another 24"  of downward slope "dove tail" which lowers the rear of the trailer, and at 24 inches long, makes for a easy approach angle for driving up on the deck! . The deck is constructed of top quality 2" pressure treated lumber, screwed down with  5/16" machine threaded torx drive deck screws.
  It has DIAMOND PLATE fenders, (not those cheap stamped fenders)  You can walk all over these fenders! It has a 5,000 pound capacity jack that is "set Back" in the A frame to allow the truck tail gate to be lowered.  Down both sides are stake pockets spaced approximately 2 feet apart down each side. It also has 4 heavy duty D rings welded at each corner for more load tie down options.
The hitch on this trailer is a 2 -5/16 ball, Bull Dog coupler.  It has two 5/16"  plated safety chains with hooks. The jack is Set back away from the hitch to allow the tail gate on the truck to be lowered while the trailer is hooked up.
Running gear:
The running gear on this trailer actually consist of two DEXTER 3500# axles. Be confident that this trailer is over built! It has Dexter 5 hole (Ford truck pattern) hubs with 5 bolt, 15" wheels, and Heavy duty 10 inch electric brakes on one axle. The tires are Load range D, 7.50 x 15 trailer tires rated to over 8000 pounds capacity total The axles carry a limited lifetime warranty.
It is equipped with heavy duty,  10" electric drum brakes on BOTH axles, and has a emergency Wet Cell Battery with a pull pin type break away switch which will activate the brakes in the event the trailer comes un-coupled from the truck.
It is equipped with new 7.50 x 15 tires, 15 inch Carlisle load range D, 8 ply trailer tires with 5 hole wheels (rated 2006# per tire)  on the 3500# axles, and   The tires carry a 8 ply rating, load range D.
To allow rolling equipment to be loaded, the trailer has two five foot long ramps that fold up at the rear of the trailer. The ramps are constructed of 3 inch channel iron, with 2 inch angle "rungs", and at five feet long, make for a gradual slope to drive up on! And with the pull of hitch pin, the ramps can be removed completely.
Paint and finish:
This trailer first prepped clean the steel, then is primed and finished coated with high gloss acrylic enamel Black paint. The underside of the trailer is fully covered with rubberized undercoating, along with the inside of the fenders. With DOT reflective tape applied down each side it looks sharp, and glows in the dark!
Are you tired of hooking up to a trailer, then checks the lights only to discover one in not working?? The wiring and lights installed on this trailer are of top quality!  The front vehicle plug is a "7 way RV type plug" and is of the sealed type. (6 way is available) All connections made using silicone filled connectors for long trouble free service. All wiring is ran inside plastic conduit, with all wire is sealed with silicone sealer at any point where it enters or exits the steel conduit, frame, or lights.  The attention to detail on the electrical system should give you years of trouble free service!
UPGRADE, Now all trailers are equipped with sealed lights, standard!
The welds and construction of this trailer carry a full two year warranty. The Dexter axles carry a 5 year warranty, so long as properly lubricated, with a lifetime rust through warranty. The tires are warranted buy the tire manufacture (Carlisle). Do to the expected use of this trailer, the paint is not covered under the warranty.
I am located in Seneca Illinois, about 25 miles west of Joliet, ILL (exit 105 on I80) and will deliver to the Joliet, South Chicago area free. I am always driving around and may be able to deliver, so E-mail me, I am sure we can work something out! I will deliver up to 400 miles from 61360 at a rate of 95 cents per loaded mile. You must
E-mail or call me to make arrangements before the auction ends. Click here for a map to my location
Other fees:
This is a new trailer, never titled. If you are a Illinois resident, you must pay 6.25% sales tax, and all state required title and license fees.  All paperwork for your tags will be handled by me (at NO extra charge) so you dont have to go to your local DMV and wait in line! I can even handle a plate transfer if you want to switch plates from a trailer you already have. No other fees will be added, NO DOC fees, NO PREP FEES, Just what you have to pay the state. Out of state buyers will be furnished with a notarized bill of sale, a manufactures statement of origin, and a temporary drive away permit. ($10.00) Note, a recent law from the State of Illinois may require I collect sales tax for your state.
Payment methods:
Priced as described above, and shown below...... $2495.00
Many dealers will quote a low price, then add in all sorts of fees. ALL prices quoted on this site are F.O.B. Seneca, Illinois. NO extra charges will be applied for "Destination charges", "Inbound Freight", "Dealer Prep" or the "Doc Fees" many other dealers add to the "quoted sale price". If you are residence of Illinois, you will be charged only the state required sales tax and licenses fees.  Get our "out the door" price and compare it to others!
Note, a recent law from the State of Illinois may require I collect sales tax for your state.
Many options, lengths and sizes are available for custom building a trailer exactly like you need. If you see something you do like, let me know, we can change it!

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