A few pictures and notes, I Installed a brake controller in a 2002/2003 1500 Dodge Truck WITHOUT the tow package. A lot of this will apply to most trucks.

"Standard" Wire colors to the controller:
Black, Battery Positive to controller
White, Negative Ground for Controller
Blue, Brake feed from controller to Trailer plug at back of truck
Red, tap into truck Brake light switch signal to tell controller to apply brakes
Remember, the above colors are just a GUIDE. your colors may be different, read the instructions! I have seen many factory harnesses that have a extra wire for dash lights (usually brown). Most controllers do not have "dash lights" so don't hook that wire up.

Installing a brake control unit isn't very difficult. Find the brake pedal, at the top is a the brake switch, (below) on this truck, we tapped into the white wire with brown strip (you can check with a12 volt tester to make sure this lights up when the brakes are applied, your wire color could be different!)


Under the hood,  locate the fuse "trailer brakes" and remove it. Witha normal 1/4" female spade, tap into the hot side, drill a small hole in the box so the wire will get out of the box, and run it to the "in " or "bat" on the circuit breaker.

On the "out" side of the breaker, connect two black wires, one to supply the power to the brake controller itself, and (optional) a 2nd battery feed to run to the trailer plug at the back of the truck. In the picture, this is the black wire.

The white wire (above) is supposed to be BLUE, but I had to use the wire I had, so it is white. As you can see, it simply connects from the wire under the dash, to the wire going to the back of the truck.

Under the dash, we drilled a hole to pass the wire through. As you can see, the white wire is connected to the Blue wire from the brake controller. and the black (from the battery feed) is connected to the balck on the controller, to supply power.


This is how it was wired:



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