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How to hook up your brake controller in your 2003 or later Ford Truck


"Standard" Wire colors to the controller:
Black, Battery Positive to controller
White, Negative Ground for Controller
Blue, Brake feed from controller to Trailer plug at back of truck
Red, tap into truck Brake light switch signal to tell controller to apply brakes
Remember, the above colors are just a GUIDE. your colors may be different, read the instructions!
  Click here for copy of the Ford Tekonsha Installation instructions

On Ford trucks, with the tow package, the factory provided a plug under the dash to connect the brake controller. On the trucks i have done, it is a gray plug, located just above and maybe to the right of the gas pedal, up under the dash. You must have the factory plug harness to plug in (I sell these, if you need one, hint, hint)

Then it is just a matter of connecting the harness up to your brake controller, according to the wires colors above using butt connectors, and then plug it in. Mount the controller where your want it. I prefer to have it on the right side of the steering wheel, within reach of my right hand. Just screw the bracket right into the plastic dash panel (I know, it hurts!)

Now, under the hood, or under the dash, is the fuse box. You MAY need to install the fuse and or relay for your trailer brakes. You will have to look in you owners manual to find the fuse size and location, and any relay you may need to install. Sorry, they are all different.

In order for this to work, you must have the factory tow package. I can not promise this is good for all Fords, as I know the 2005 Super Duty trucks are different. If you do not have the factory tow package, you may still have the plug under the dash. If so, you may have to run a wire to the back of the truck, but you may at least have the brake light signal wire. If you have nothing, or this is a older truck, you will have to run the blue wire from the controller all the way to the back up the truck, and connect to the blue terminal on the trailer plug. You will also have to locate the brake light switch, and find the wire that is hot when the brake lights come one (be careful if you have ABS, not to get the wrong wire, it will mess up the ABS!). In addition, you must provide the controller with fused battery + and - feed.

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