1996 Ford Ranger Brake Controller Installation

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1996 Ford Ranger 1500 Brake Controller Installation
(Other Years May Be the Same or Similar)

Please visit my general install page for overall instructions

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"Standard" Wire Colors from Ford Trucks

When using a wiring harness supplied by your vehicle’s Manufacturer (OE Harness), DO NOT MATCH COLORS. Please follow wiring chart below

Ford Wiring
Brake Controller Wiring
Red Black +12 Volts
Light Green Red Stop Light
White White Ground
Dark Blue Blue Trailer Brakes
Brown NA  

Remember, the above colors are just a GUIDE. your colors may be different, read the instructions!
1996 Ford Ranger Brake Controller Installation

Using a standard ring connector, we tapped into the factory main relay on the battery side. then ran directly to a 20 amp circuit breaker. from these we used standard double jacketed brake wire and connected to the breaker. This 12 volt power wire is ran both to the rear of the truck, and through the firewall, into the dash area to power the controller. The other wire inside the double jacketed cable we use for the brake control power to the trailer, so it simply goes directly from the rear trailer connector, to the blue wire on the brake control.

1996 Ford Ranger Brake Controller Installation

We tapped into the Green wire for the brake light signal (red wire on the controller) - to be sure, use a 12 volt test to confirm this wire comes on when you press the brakes.

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