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Trailer Brake controller install in a 2006 Chevy Express Van
(other models may be similar)

Please visit my general install page for overall instructions

I sell brake controllers, so please, if you need one click here! We keep Prodigy P2 Brake Controllers in Stock Regularly!

Brake controller will have 4 wires to connect. (I quote Tekonsha wire colors, but many brands are the same)

Blue wire will run to the back of the truck, and connect to the Blue (brake) terminal on the trailer plug (drill a hole in the firewall and run the wire under the truck)

White wire is to frame ground. (find a screw under the dash)

Red Wire taps into stop light switch (see pictures below)

Black wire is battery feed, hook to stud in fuse panel under dash (through that same hole you drilled for the blue wire)

2006 Chevy Express

Tap into this wire with a side tap (scotch lock) for the brake light feed (red wire)

2006 Chevy Brake Light Switch

Brake Light Switch Wire for Controller Tap
                    (View 2)

Stub below is power feed for brake controller, fuse that powers it is empty in picture, and circled

Power Feed for Brake Controller

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